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Mr. James A. Holmes

Mr. James A. Holmes a retired United States Air Force Member, has extensive experience in developing training programs in the area of human resources. He also taught human relations for eight years during his active duty time and was a drug and alcohol counselor for eight years. After retirement he continued to be employed in the areas of drug, alcohol, and gang  counseling. Mr. Holmes' human relations and drug alcohol background has given him the excellent sensitivity to understand the dynamics of interpersonal relationships.


He has been a lecturer at several colleges and universities and has spoken on both radio and television shows. He has provided training not only to teachers and civic groups in Texas but to various groups in other states. However,  he is best known in human service agencies for his work with youth involved in street gang acticivities and substance abuse.


For the past 20 years he has been providing gang prevention and early intervention programs to youth in diverse communities. Mr. Holmes has worked many years as a Student Advocacy Consultant for a local school district, where he conducted small group rap sessions, performed individual classroom lectures, and provided individual and family counseling on issues focusing on gang involvement and substance abuse as well as conducted education and support groups for youth.


Mr. Holmes was also employed by an inner-city communtity center, where several different gangs gathered during the day and night time hours. There he was a group counselor and conducted family and individual counseling for the different gang members.


Recently, along with his wife, Mr. Holmes has developed an informational booklet which offers innovative approaches, workable solutions, and alternatives for youth in various levels of gang involvement.


Currently, Mr. Holmes is the Executive Director of Youth Institute of San Antonio where he continues to provide leadership for the organization and addresses the increasing problems of child abuse, teenage pregnancy, bullying, gangs, alcohol, and drugs in school.

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Dr. Patricia A. Holmes

Dr. Patricia A. Holmes received her Doctor of Philosophy Degree with an emphasis in Physical Education Administration from Texas Woman's University. During her 40 year career, Dr. Holmes has been revered as both a pioneer and a "Trailblazer" by many of her collegues. She has had experiences teaching for school systems considered to be the most affluent to those viewed as less fortunate. She has instructed for both rural and inner city school systems and has educated a variety of multicultural populations in elementary, secondary, and college settings.

Dr. Holmes has had 15 years as a high school and university coach in the areas of volleyball, track and field, swimming, basketball, tennis, and gymnastics. She has organized and run swim programs  in Missouri, Kansas, and Texas and has been on numerous state and local committees in both Kansas and Texas.

For the last twenty years, Dr. Holmes has also acquired extensive experiences in developing training programs in the areas of leadership, human relations, conflict resolution, gangs, and drug and alcohol abuse. She provides leadership training for teachers and administrators, P.T.A. and civic groups. Dr. Holmes, along with her husband, has lectured at colleges and universities and has spoken both on radio and television shows.

Dr. Holmes also provides individual classroom lectures for youth on such topics as life skills, decision making, parenting skills, positive behavioral management and other areas that youth encounter during their liftime. She combines her personality and years of training as a teacher to assist in getting her points across.

Dr. Holmes and her husband have recently developed an informational booklet which offers innovative approaches, workable solutions, and alternatives for youth in various levels of gang involvement such as peripherals, associates, and hard-core members.

Most recently, Dr. Holmes retired from the position of Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Kinesiology Department after twelve years and is currently, the President of Youth Institute of San Antonio where she continues to provide the leadership neccessary in addressing the increasing problems that face our youth every day.

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